Location Update
Lessons are currently being held at
Hudson View Baptist Church in Yonkers, NY


Piano Lessons in Yonkers, NY 
(For Kids & Teens, Ages 7 and up)



Hi, I'm Mr. Kirk!
I'm a general music teacher by day, and a piano teacher by afternoon/ night.

Hi Parents!

I teach piano lessons that are built on a child's native language, imagination.

Lessons with me include discovery, exploration, and adventure... in a friendly and encouraging  environment.


You see, kids learn best when they're comfortable and can be themselves!​

Because of this, I run a unique music program based on this fact and I make learning the piano feel easy for kids... while having fun!

And because piano feels easy, my students are able to play familiar songs within a month of starting... even songs you'd recognize.

Contact me for a free trial lesson and learn my simple system that'll help your child learn the piano fast!!!

Family Room


Ages 7-12

30-60min/ week

A colorful & energetic introduction to the piano through play - let your child's curiosity  & innate artistry thrive.


(Private & Group options for elementary & middle school age students.)



Ages 13-18

30-60min/ week

From Bach to Pop, and everything in between - get your teen to stop staring at their screens & play music they'll love.


(Private & Group options for middle & high  school age students.)


✔️ Highly Individualized Lessons
✔️ A Consistent, Reliable Schedule
✔️ Easy Flat-Rate Tuition

✔️ Life-long Skills Learned in Lessons
✔️ Unlimited Makeups
✔️ Progress with Minimal At-Home Practice
✔️ Perform on Stage at Recitals


What Do You Learn in Piano Lessons?

  • Proper Technique

  • How to Read Music

  • Music Theory & History

  • How to Play ALL Styles of Music

  • How to Play By Ear

  • Healthy Piano Practice Habits

Life Skills Developed in Piano Lessons:

  • Sense of Responsibility

  • Tap into Creativity

  • Patience & Determination

  • Inner Courage

  • Self Respect & Confidence

  • Goal Setting

Wooden Piano


After our very first lesson together, I thought: I  really like lessons with him.

Student Performance Spotlight

Student Performance Spotlight
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Alysa - Out of Love

Alysa - Out of Love

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Sarah - My Favorite Things

Sarah - My Favorite Things

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Alysa - Say Something

Alysa - Say Something

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Tommy - Wind Chimes

Tommy - Wind Chimes

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Joseph's Testimony about His Son's First Lesson 

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Boris's Testimony About My Lessons

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And the videos to prove it:


The first lesson is on me (free!!) ... because I want to guarantee your satisfaction with results from the beginning.

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