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Lessons are currently being held at Hudson View Baptist Church

Piano Lessons in Yonkers, NY
(For Kids & Teens, Ages 7 and Up)


Hi, I'm Mr. Kirk!
I'm a general music teacher by day, and a piano teacher by afternoon/ night.

Hi Parents!

I teach piano lessons that are built on a child's native language, imagination.

Lessons with me include discovery, exploration, and adventure... in a friendly and encouraging  environment.


You see, kids learn best when they're comfortable and can be themselves!​

Because of this, I run a unique music program based on this fact and I make learning the piano feel easy for kids... while having fun!

And because piano feels easy, my students are able to play familiar songs within a month of starting... even songs you'd recognize.

Contact me for a free trial lesson and learn my simple system that'll help your child learn the piano fast.

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Lesson Benefits

1. Make memories at every lesson - every lesson is full of laughs, jokes, and whimsical banter

Have fun exploring music and unlocking creativity, while learning a hobby that 70% of adults wish they learned as a kid

3. Enjoy a judgment-free zone: we don’t play a ‘comparison game’ - everyone moves at their own pace

4. Develop a life-long passion for music & learning… a parent even told me that I was a “motivational factor in [his] daughter’s love of music” and another mentioned I inspired his daughter “to continue her passion for music” because she almost quit before my lessons

Piano Lessons
(For Kids & Teens, Ages 7 and Up)

$120 / month



Unlimited Makeups

Minimal Practice at Home Required

Student & Parent Portal Access

Biannual Recitals

Wooden Piano

Testimonials & Media

Student Performance Spotlight

Student Performance Spotlight
Search video...
Alysa - Out of Love

Alysa - Out of Love

Play Video
Sarah - My Favorite Things

Sarah - My Favorite Things

Play Video
Alysa - Say Something

Alysa - Say Something

Play Video
Tommy - Wind Chimes

Tommy - Wind Chimes

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Joseph's Testimony about His Son's First Lesson 

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 2.21.30 PM 2.png

Boris's Testimony About My Lessons

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 2.36.34 PM 2.png

And the videos to prove it:


Seasonal Piano Camps Available!

Are you looking for something fun for your kid to do that won't break the bank when they're out of school? 


Enroll your child (ages 7+) in an entertaining & educationally enriching activity during their Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter break - Book Blast! Camp.

The goal of camp is to create a fun & engaging atmosphere where students take in two months worth of piano experience in just four days.


On top of that there's activities & games, and even a camp store... for finishing songs at camp, students are rewarded with prizes!

If you're still not completely sold, or want to list of camp dates - go ahead & fill out the contact form below and we'll answer any questions you have! 

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Any Questions? Or, ready to schedule a FREE Lesson?

Fill out the following contact form and I'll get back to you by email within 24-hours.

(Please note: I'm unable to answer the phone while in lessons, so email is the best method of communication).

Thanks for submitting! You'll receive an email response soon

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