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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for 

Studio, In-Person Piano Lessons


The Habana Music Studio takes everyone’s health and safety during this time seriously. This document lists steps I’m taking, and steps I’d ask you to take, to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy for in-person lessons at this time. 


Also, the guidelines/ protocols listed below are a starting point for safety - as the CDC and local authorities adjust regulations then I'll adjust accordingly. Although this document might not be updated in time, all changes will be relayed as soon as possible. 


Preliminary Information: Studio, in-person lessons will take place at Hudson View Baptist Church in the main church building - as you drive up to the church’s address it’s the building straight in front of you with steps, right next to the flag. 


Entering and Exiting: To enter and exit the building please use the front entrance facing Hudson Terrace. To help, I’ll meet you at the front of the church building and walk you upstairs to where we’ll be having lessons.


Building Safety: Hudson View Baptist Church has graciously allowed me to use their main building (the sanctuary) for lessons. For safety, and out of respect for the church, please restrict yourselves to the sanctuary upstairs (where we’ll be having lessons) and the bathrooms downstairs (located on your right after you go downstairs from the entrance) - all other areas are off limits. 


Safety Guidelines: In general, while vaccines are readily available, I want to be sensitive towards those who haven’t received their shot yet so the guidelines/ protocols below will reflect the generally accepted pre-vaccine safety measures suggested by the CDC and local authorities.

  • Masks or acceptable face coverings will be required at all times. 

  • Temperature checks will not be required, but if you/ your student feel sick (especially because of a fever) then you can cancel a lesson without penalty and a makeup will be scheduled.

  • Appropriate distance will be mantained during the lesson. While it might not always adhere to the 6-foot rule, no contact will occur unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary.

  • Hand sanitizing/ washing is a must. Upon entering and exiting students should use the hand sanitizer station at the top of the steps. If there is no hand sanitizer, there are bathrooms located on the bottom floor where you can wash your hands. 

  • Family of students can observe lessons, but they should sit in the designated areas in the sanctuary or in the chairs in the lobby. If they choose not to do so, family should stay in their vehicle,  or drop off and pick up their student at the appropriate times.

  • The piano will be wiped down/ disinfected between lessons.

  • At this time, due to safety precautions, I’m still not offering group lessons and am defaulting to one-on-one, private lessons as the norm.


Communication: If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at or (914) 356-3282.

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