Educating the Community

Educating the Community is a side project I'm working on to literally educate the community about music! I'm constantly updating it so come back and check what's new.

First, I have a "PDF Downloads" section. My goal here is to provide free, simple to understand resources to help cultivate music education because if everyone's informed, then we all benefit! These resources are for students of all ages (children, teens, and adults) and of all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

This section is especially helpful for parents of beginning students wanting to get involved with what their child is learning or for people curious about music lessons who want to see what sort of topics I present and how I explain them.

Second, I have a "Suggested Items" page with suggestions for method books, supplemental resources, instruments, and other cool things! Sorry for the vague description, but it's easier if you just check it out.

I hope you enjoy, and if you'd like to see anything specific let me know!

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