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Fun & Easy Piano Lessons for Kids

Play, explore, learn - music lessons for the digital age


Hi, I'm Mr. Kirk!
I'm a general music teacher by day, and a piano teacher by afternoon/ night.

Hi Parents!

I teach piano lessons that are built on a child's native language, imagination.

Lessons with me include discovery, exploration, and adventure... in a friendly and encouraging  environment.


You see, kids learn best when they're comfortable and can be themselves!​

Because of this, I run a unique music program based on this fact and I make learning the piano feel easy for kids... while having fun!

(Part o
f my secret is that I use technology, games, and activities to help keep kids engaged.)

And because piano feels easy, my students are able to play familiar songs within a month of starting... even songs you'd recognize.

Contact me for a free trial lesson and learn my simple system that'll help your child learn the piano fast.

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Semi-Private/ Small Group Class
(For Kids & Teens, Ages 7 and Up)

$160 / month

Lessons custom-tailored to the student

Progress, 3-5x faster than normal

Modern ideas (technology & games) mixed with the traditional

Flexible scheduling for busy families

Stress-free cancellation/ makeup policy

Recitals, competitions, and other performance opportunities

Testimonials & Media

Student Performance Spotlight

Student Performance Spotlight
Search video...
Alysa - Out of Love

Alysa - Out of Love

Play Video
Sarah - My Favorite Things

Sarah - My Favorite Things

Play Video
Alysa - Say Something

Alysa - Say Something

Play Video
Tommy - Wind Chimes

Tommy - Wind Chimes

Play Video
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Schedule a FREE SESSION, and get 25% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH! 

Fill out the following contact form and schedule a trial lesson/ studio meet & greet. 

(Please note: I'm unable to answer the phone while in lessons, so email is the best method of communication).

How do you want me to reach out to you?
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