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Get Your Child Excited About Music

The Ultimate Piano Lesson Package for Kids & Teens: Personalized Instruction, Music Theory, and More!

Lessons are currently being held at Hudson View Baptist Church

Surprise Your Friends With Your Child's Incredible Piano Skills

REAL student progress:

At the Habana Music Studio, you'll find piano lessons full of speed & ease for your child (ages 7+).

That's fun & easy lessons in a friendly & supportive environment.

Students make quick progress early on, so they play real music within a month of starting lessons... because of this sense of accomplishment, home practice becomes easy & enjoyable!

Plus, our affordable pricing & flexible scheduling options make it easy for you to fit music lessons into your family's busy schedule.

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Every student gets a 'Personalized Learning Path.'


Lessons are tailored to every child's individual needs, interests, and learning style, so they can learn in a way that's as unique as they are.

Don't Let Your Child Miss Out: The Surprising Benefits of Playing Piano (Backed By Science!)

Don't waste your precious time & hard-earned cash. Get your hands on a 100% student-approved plan that will guide your child towards success.

Through lessons, watch your child get an experience that:

  • Boosts confidence

  • Creates passion

  • Enhances cognitive & motor skills 

  • Teaches self-discipline & responsibility

  • Inspires for a life-time

Get progress that looks like this:

Good Progress

Not like this:

Bad Progress

What Moms are Saying

Joseph on His Son's First Lesson 

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 2.21.30 PM 2.png

Boris on His Son's Experience

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 2.36.34 PM 2.png

And the videos to prove it:

pretty little Armenian girl in vintage dress near retro piano on spring day, happy childho

Ask about a free introductory lesson & join our music family today!

Become part of our tight-knit music family, and see how we're dedicated to helping your child succeed.

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Get a FREE Studio Info Pack, or Schedule a FREE Trial Lesson

Fill out the following contact form and receive a studio info pack, or schedule a trial lesson/ studio meet & greet. If you asked a question, I'll get back to you by email within 24-hours.

(Please note: I'm unable to answer the phone while in lessons, so email is the best method of communication).

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