Piano Lessons for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Savvy Kids and Teens

K-12 Piano Lessons for Ages 5 and Up

Here's some food for thought:

- Is your child interested in learning the piano?

- Do you want them to learn a musical instrument because of the many documented benefits?

- Have you ever thought that maybe your child has a hidden talent for music and you'd like to find out? 

- Do you want your child's piano experience to be fun and easy?


Don't be afraid of a strict teacher, boring lessons, or hating practice because of boring music - students have described lessons with me as "fun, fast, and understandable," because I provide lessons full of discovery, exploration, and adventure to feed children's natural curiosity.


I help all of my students become savvy pianists and discover how what they learn in school connects to the piano through my savvy approach to music, and I'm 100% confident that yours will too. Because of this, all my students learn piano at an accelerated rate (2-3x the normal speed), and have fun while doing it! 


Savvy Adults

Piano Lessons for Adults

Is this you?:

- Did you take lessons before as a kid and stop because it wasn't working out?

- Did you always want to learn the piano but never had the opportunity growing up, but now you do?

- Do you just want to "hush" that voice inside of you that's always asking "what if"?

- Do you want to learn the piano without any frustration and confusion?

It's honestly not too late to start, or too late to have another go at lessons if you've had them before! Don't regret about what could be - I've helped many adults learn the piano in a flexible, stress-free environment and have helped them fulfill a life-long dream to play their favorite songs.

I help all my students become savvy pianists and realize their potential, and they're always surprised with what they can actually do and it's all because of my savvy approach to music. Because of this, I know it's 100% possible to sound great now - don't miss this opportunity!