Meet Kirk

Hi, my name is Kirk, and I specialize in in-person and online/ virtual piano lessons for kids (see my "Teaching Philosophy" here to find out why)! I have degrees in piano and saxophone, but also have experience playing clarinet and flute too. If you hit it or put wind through it, I can probably help you learn it!

I grew up here in Westchester but left for the South after I graduated high school to study music professionally. Recently, I graduated from a conservatory, and while I was there I was a Graduate Student Instructor (one of my primary jobs was to teach undergraduates) and an Adjunct Professor at a local college (still actually am, albeit remotely; see my faculty page here). On top of that, I was employed at several musical schools in town and peaked at over 40 students!

Hopefully, it's clear that I have had extensive training and practical, professional experience in teaching. After 10+ years of studying music and how to teach, I've moved back to the area and I'm bringing everything I've learned back with me. I hope to enrich your lives the same way mine was when I was out and about!

Check out my Linkedin page here for a little more info about me!

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