Online/ Virtual Lessons

Tradition Enhanced with Modern Technology

Online/ virtual lessons (I'll just simplify that to "online lessons" going forward) may not seem like it could ever replace in-person lessons, but modern technology has made online lessons as effective and efficient as in-person lessons. Because of this, some students even prefer the online format, even kids! Why? Well...

Here are three reasons you should consider online lessons

First of all, you can't beat the convenience of online lessons. If you work at home or your children are home schooled, an online lesson can be done during any 30-minute or so break (depending on desired lesson length), even during lunch! It's as easy as opening your computer and logging in for your lesson.

Second, modern technology has made online lessons much more enjoyable. Most phones and laptops have amazing cameras, and they're always getting better! That means picture quality doesn't suffer. The same is true for phone and laptop microphones and the resulting audio quality; it's like the person is literally there in the same room as you. 

Third, online lessons have become more efficient. Online lessons allow for enhanced observation as platforms such as Zoom allow for recorded sessions to allow for review later. Also, certain software allows for multiple viewing angles so you can watch and study physical gestures from different perspectives, and I use these!

Other than that, I offer the same high-quality education that I offer for in-person lessons. Feel free to head to my "In-Person Lessons" section here for more details.

Technical requirements

All you need are:

  • A phone/ laptop with a camera and mic

  • Earbuds or headphones

  • High speed internet 

  • Skype or Zoom (preferrably the latter)

If you're looking for online lessons for your child...

COVID-19 has forced academic institutions to move toward online lessons/ virtual classrooms as the go-to means of continuing education. This has been an option for piano teachers for years, so we have a better handle of how to conduct lessons in this manner. Also, since this has become a norm, more and more children are used to learning from a screen. And it's just not a screen, I'm on the other end and I still interact and treat your child the same way as if we were doing an in-person lesson! Most parents fear a lack of engagement, but I've figured out how to make online lessons work well. Still not convinced? Ask for a trial lesson!

If you're an adult looking for online lessons...

If you're an adult looking for online lessons you're probably busy and like my first point suggests, online lessons are convenient. Because I'm a working adult like you, I probably have a similar schedule so I'm flexible to schedule a lesson at a time that works for you. Also, since teaching is my job and passion I've made hours work that are normally outside traditional work hours like evenings and weekends. Please don't hesitate to ask if a time works for me or not!

What skill levels should consider online lessons?

There are three basic categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. While it might be the most worrisome of the three, I've gotten beginners to work well with online lessons by administering a more direct and conversational approach. With all beginners, I assume very little prior knowledge so I teach topically (like in school), but because it's one-on-one I also allow for questions. I also assess and probe for understanding and then reinforce as needed - it's basically a regular lessons except through a virtual medium! Intermediate and advanced students are easier to teach online because they're more autonomous than beginners, and all they need are constructive feedback. If there's a confusion with what was discussed, I can easily send a practice video or create a handout (see my "Educational Resources" section here) to help the process. Remember, I'm here for you!

The bottom line

Online lessons work well for all students (kids, teens, and adults) of all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), but please reach out with any questions and don't forget to ask for a free trial lesson to test the online format!

How much does it cost?

My standard rates are as follows:

  • 30-minutes for $30

  • 45-minutes for $45

  • 60-minutes for $60

Because I offer quality online lessons, I don't usually offer a discount as the software and physical equipment to make it happen more than makes up for an improved experience. If you feel differently please reach out to me and let's chat!

Anything Else?

To keep students on track, I can provide written comments, practice videos, or text/ email updates to keep you in the loop. Just ask!

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