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Why Students Quit Piano Lessons, and my Lesson Program Philosophy

The Truth

The #1 Piano Problem that everyone has is practice...


Parents are always telling me that their child doesn't practice enough, or...

Teens and adults are always telling me they don’t have enough time to.

So, why is this a problem?

It's because "practice + progress = enjoyment."

You see, when you make progress and "get it", lessons are fun and easy.

When you make progress and enjoy lessons, then you can reap all the benefits.

But when you don't make progress and it's difficult, frustrating, and stressful... that's when people quit piano lessons.

So, to make progress we need to practice, right?


Because we've always been told that "practice makes perfect!" 

In fact... no, that's far from the truth.

Supporting evidence shows that practice doesn't "make perfect," practice actually "makes permanent."

So, according to studies, practice is meant to make habits.

Research proves it.

In other words, the amount of practice you do in a week isn't a reliable measure of success or growth.

It also means that you can still make progress without hours of practice, or progress = enjoyment.

Someone could practice 40 hours a week and make no progress... because it wasn't focused or goal-oriented.

It's really a matter of working smarter, not harder to progress


And you can do that by being a savvy (smart) pianist... by using a guide, or playbook.



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sav·vy pi·an·ist

1.  a pianist who works smarter, not harder, to get the results they want faster  by using a simple to understand guide, like the Perfect Piano PlayBook

The Savvy Pianist Program is for anyone that wants to learn the piano fast.


In this program you'll...

  • Learn all your music with me at your lesson so practice at home is easy

  • Enjoy time at and away from the piano at every lesson with fun, educational activities 

  • Take pages out of my Perfect Piano PlayBook to learn at an accelerated rate

  • Play familiar favorites within the first month of lessons

  • Complete your first set of piano books within 3-4 months of lessons


Program Specifics

Savvy (Smart) Intro to the Piano

We’ll figure out where you’re at and where you want to go, and pick songs that'll motivate you. 

Savvy (Smart) Piano Lessons

You'll learn 2-3 songs at every lesson, and we'll break down what you need to know and do to crush your goals every week.

Perfect Piano PlayBook

You'll discover how to learn music faster by learning the best "plays" from my playbook.

PlayBook Strategy Sessions

We'll construct your own personal playbook that'll help you play what you want to.

Savvy At-Home Support 

You'll get a “practice-with-me” session or a “practice video”. You can even call, email, or text during the week and I'll respond when I'm free.

What You Get When You Join


Personalized lessons


Performance opportunities


Email, text, and phone support


Progress reports


Flexible scheduling


Practice Videos


Online lessons


Makeup classes

What Studio Parents and Students Are Saying

"Mr. Kirk has helped me through so many things [from] going to college for music, to life advice, to playing to the [best] of my abilities. Me finding Mr. Kirk has made me such a better piano player."

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Do you want to enjoy progress at the piano by trying my Perfect Piano Play Book?


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