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Are you ready to learn the piano without all the hours of practice? Learn to be savvy.

"The Problem"

The number one problem that everyone comes to me with concerning piano lessons is that there's an issue with practice - it’s either parents telling me that they can’t get their child to practice, or teens or adults telling me they don’t have enough time to.

For years, I thought that with enough encouragement, positivity, and even some bribes here and there that everything would click and all would be well. That was my experience, so that must be true, right?

Well, no - the practice problem is still a problem, but after 10+ years of professional teaching I’ve discovered a way to get students to learn the piano fast without the hours of practice.


Yes, it’s actually possible to learn the piano without consistently spending hours of practice everyday - it’s a matter of working smarter, not harder, or becoming a savvy pianist.

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sav·vy pi·an·ist

1.  a pianist who works smarter, not harder, to get the results they want faster

"The Solution"

The Savvy Pianist program is for kids, teens, and adults who want to learn the piano fast without all the stress and confusion.


In this program, I teach you the quickest methods to get the results you want by telling you exactly what you need to know and what you exactly need to do.

Part of the practice problem is that most teachers teach concepts in lessons and you have to work it out yourself, but in my program we don’t just say, we do by being smart about our approach, or being savvy


On average, we’ll cover material 2x faster than the average music student. Some of my most dedicated students have even covered material 3x-4x as fast!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’re getting with my program:

Students learn all their music with me at their lesson, without all the fluff and confusion that frustrates countless students...

Students enjoy time at the piano and away from the piano at every lesson with savvy activities planned to reinforce lesson concepts in a fun, relaxing way...

Students learn the savvy approach to music - my trademark secret to learn music faster than the average piano student, especially how to connect what they do know to what they don’t know...

Students learn familiar favorites within the first month of lessons, even modern pop songs they’ll immediately recognize from movies or the internet...

Students blaze through their first set of piano books within 3-4 months of lessons...


"The Promise"

Here’s what you’re actually getting when you join the program:


Savvy Intro to the Piano

After a “Savvy Intro to the Piano,” we’ll figure out where you’re at and where you want to go. We’ll also pick that one piece you want to play and figure out what you need to do to play it. Also, at key points throughout lessons we’ll learn simplified versions to show you that you’re on your way!


Savvy Piano Lessons

Offered in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions, we’ll learn at least 2-3 songs at every lesson. Unlike other piano teachers, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know, and nothing more. Sometimes a teacher gives you too much information and that’ll confuse you, but I won’t! Speaking of confusion, we’ll also get rid of the confusion of what to do between lessons by learning all songs for the week in our lesson, and exactly how to practice them!


Savvy Approach to Music

This is the core of what makes the magic happen! We’ll discover how to learn music faster by working smarter, not harder, or being savvy about it. I'll teach you what to look for in every piece so you’re confident that you know what to do and that what you’re doing is 100% correct.


Savvy Workshops

One week out of the month we'll skip the normal lesson routine and we’ll cover a topic of your choice! This serves as a way to break the rut of lessons, and also shows you the possibilities of what you’re learning. Options include ear training, freely harmonizing songs, reading lead sheets, and more!


Savvy At-Home Support 

Students are given either a “practice-with-me” session or an individualized “practice video” that reviews everything we learned at the last lesson. I also offer support over the phone, email, or text if any quick tips are needed!

"The Proof"

"Mr. Kirk has helped me through so many things [from] going to college for music, to life advice, to playing to the [best] of my abilities. Me finding Mr. Kirk has made me such a better piano player."

Get in Touch:

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1. Fill out the following contact form so I can get your information 

2. Once you submit the form you'll be sent to my private calendar so you can schedule a free "Savvy Intro to the Piano" 

3. After the trial lesson we'll follow up and we'll get a regular schedule of lessons going

4. Watch the results happen one lesson at a time!