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Book Blast! Camp

This summer, blast off into an unforgettable musical adventure

Camp is currently being held at Hudson View Baptist Church

Why Book Blast! Camp?


Are you looking for something fun for your kid to do that won't break the bank when they're out of school? 


This summer, enroll your child (ages 7+) in an entertaining & educationally enriching activity that's unique to the season - Book Blast! Camp.

The goal of camp is to create a fun & engaging atmosphere where students take in two months worth of piano experience in just four days.


On top of that there's activities & games, and even a camp store... for finishing songs at camp, students are rewarded with prizes!


We work hard, play harder, and complete books faster than you ever thought possible.

With fun songs, engaging activities, and exciting review games, you won't want to miss out.

Camp Benefits

At every camp, students:

  • Learn new skills (or, solidify old ones)

  • Connect with peers & make new friends

  • Have fun in a safe & encouraging environment

And parents love that camp:

  • Avoids scheduling conflicts (ex: vacations)

  • Makes summer lessons affordable

  • Prevents burn out with the traditional schedule of lessons


What Moms are Saying


Have Fun, Be Inspired, Build Community

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Any Questions? 

Fill out the following contact form and I'll get back to you by email within 24-hours.

(Please note: I'm unable to answer the phone while in lessons, so email is the best method of communication).

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