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A FUN & SUPPORTIVE piano program designed to help kids (ages 7+) THRIVE in music and GROW in confidence

Lessons are currently being held at Hudson View Baptist Church

At the Habana Music Studio, we understand that every child has unique musical aspirations, learning styles, and abilities. That's why we don't believe in one-size-fits-all lessons. 

Our approach is tailored to each student, considering their starting point, musical goals, prior experience, and individual strengths and challenges.

Whether your child dreams of performing in a recital, mastering a challenging piece, improving their technique, or simply discovering the joy of playing piano, we're dedicated to crafting a personalized program that meets their needs and fosters their growth as musicians.

With our specialized approach (see below), we provide guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced player, we're here to help them unlock their full potential and excel in their piano journey.

REAL student progress:

Seeing my son thrive at the piano is priceless.

- A. Meeks


  • Did you know that the traditional approach to piano lessons can be challenging for the majority of children?

  • Expecting them to learn independently during the week can make piano practice feel like a chore

  • ​This can lead to lessons becoming unenjoyable and burdensome for both you and your child



"I want my child to be good at piano, but I don't want to fight when it comes time to practice."

"I want my child to learn the language of music, but also enjoy the process."

"I want piano lessons to be worth the time and money I've invested."


At the HABANA MUSIC STUDIO ​we have a NEW approach to piano lessons that focuses on making playing a natural habit.

Our unique methodology makes it easier for your child to engage & understand music faster, while also being flexible enough to not disrupt family schedules.

That's why our conservatory-quality program was created to help your child learn everything they need during class, taking the pressure off daily practice for you as a parent.


Get progress that looks like this:

Don't waste your precious time & hard-earned cash. Our approach ensures that your child will have an effective, step-by-step plan that will guide your child towards success.

Through lessons, watch your child get an experience that:

  • Boosts confidence

  • Creates passion

  • Enhances cognitive & motor skills 

  • Teaches self-discipline & responsibility

  • Inspires for a life-time

Good Progress

Not like this:

Bad Progress

What Parents are Saying

Joseph on His Son's First Lesson 

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Boris on His Son's Experience

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And the videos to prove it:


We  offer convenience for busy families: 

  • Students learn how to practice independently; parents do not need to help at home

  • When conflicts arise, reschedule your child's lesson easily 

  • Simple online payments, credit cards accepted

  • Feel free to run errands during lessons - just drop your child off & pick them up later

  • Easy scheduling for siblings; share a lesson slot or book back-to-back classes

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 Schedule a FREE Trial Lesson

Fill out the following contact form and schedule a trial lesson/ studio meet & greet. If you asked a question, I'll get back to you by email within 24-hours.

(Please note: I'm unable to answer the phone while in lessons, so email is the best method of communication).

How do you want me to reach out?
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